11 Best CRM for Google Mail – Gmail CRM Integrations

14 Jul 2023
11 Best CRM for Google Mail – Gmail CRM Integrations

According to a recent article by TechJury, 60% of the mid-sized businesses in the US use Gmail as their email service provider for all business communications. Gmail is also the preferred email service provider for businesses of all sizes across the globe because of its reliability, ease of use, robust security, and cost effectiveness.

Integrating a CRM on Google can help businesses centralize customer communication, and ensure that the interactions are precisely captured, tracked, and made easily available. A CRM on google enables teams to get comprehensive insights into customer interactions and thereby manage leads effectively and render personalized customer experiences. Here are the 11 best CRM for google that can leverage business operations to the next level.

11 Best CRMs for Google Mail

1. Pipedrive Gmail Plugin

This Chrome extension can be integrated as a CRM on Google to schedule activities, make notes, and sync contacts. This plug-in with the sidebar access feature lets you see the complete sales history of each contact when you open an email communication thread with that particular contact. 

This plugin is highly recommended for sales operations like lead management, pipeline overview, deal closure, and everything around it.

2. Streak Full Gmail Integration

Rated as the best CRM for Google, the Streak platform has all CRM features for pipeline and lead generation. The CRM gets integrated within Gmail and includes customizable workflows with search, filter, group and sort functions.

The best part about Streak CRM for Google is that it also has a free version with basic features. This lets businesses explore the tool before actually purchasing it.

3. Nethunt Full Gmail Integration

This is a fully integrated CRM for Google as is primarily developed for sales, marketing, and support operations. It categorizes your records (emails, tasks, files, etc ) into custom groups and views. The are features of NetHunt as classified as Deals, Companies, Support, Tasks, Contacts, and Pipeline.

The only con is that Nethunt certainly is not visually appealing as it should have been, and the prices are on the higher end – the Basic plan is $24 per user/per month.

4. HubSpot CRM Gmail Sidebar

HubSpot is undeniably a big player in the CRM industry and its CRM for Google is completely Free. It can be integrated into Gmail for email tracking and sales communication. Features like custom email templates, automated outreach, simple meeting calendar, etc. make it convenient to use.

Its strength lies in its capability to assign leads, follow-up and track them, capture all customer communication, etc.

5. Copper Gmail Sidebar Integration

Copper CRM on google is a predominantly a contact management tool that has help you track emails, call logs, events, and other similar things automatically.

Its powerful AI-driven capabilities help you automate redundant tasks and ease up time-consuming, tedious, and monotonous tasks. The highlight of Copper CRM is that Google itself endorses and recommends Copper.

6. Agile CRM Chrome Extension

Loaded with several automation features, Agile CRM is a time-saver for those who spend several minutes a day performing admin tasks on their Gmail dashboard. The 360-degree contact view of this tool lets you take a quick look at the email threads in the chronological order.

The contact campaign membership of Agile CRM lets you easily monitor the campaigns in which your contacts are involved, add them to new campaigns, or remove them from existing ones.

7. FollowUp for Google Mail

This Google Chrome Extension has advanced features like reminders for emails, tasks, and events. It also has advanced note-taking capabilities within it.

This is highly recommended for managing both personal and professional Gmail inboxes. The Starter Plan of FollowUp starts at $18 per month and there is no free version available.

8. Capsule CRM Gmail Sidebar

This CRM add-on for Gmail has productive features like storing all the details of customers, following up with conversion threads, and linking sales opportunities and cases. Capsule has a free version that lets up to two users get a hands-on experience. The CRM’s mobile friendly interface is an added bonus.

9. Zoho CRM Gmail Sidebar Integration

Developed and designed exclusively for the sales team of small business and startups, ZOHO CRM is all about lead management. It lets you enjoy quick access to lead or contact details, and syncs and logs tasks, events and calls. The free version ZOHO CRM Chrome extension for Gmail lets three users access its features.

10. Nutshell Google Mail Integration

This CRM is extremely popular for its simple yet effective interface. Some key features of this CRM are saving emails to Nutshell, syncing Google Calendar, tracking email communication, notes writing, etc.

This CRM has two plans – the Starter plan that is priced at $19 per user for one month and the Pro Plan that is priced at $35 per user for one month.

11. Insightly Gmail Sidebar Integration

Built for enterprise-size sales and relationship management, Insightly lets users migrate their contact from Gmail inbox to Insightly effortlessly in just one click.

The tools can help streamline sales communication pipelines, generate custom reports, overview data from a dashboard and develop relationship maps to level your customer relationship strategy.

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