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Boost Your Productivity: Top G Suite Apps of 2024

1 Aug 2023
Boost Your Productivity: Top G Suite Apps of 2024

Are you looking for the best Google Workspace apps of the year? With the change in technology, meetings and all other activities can be completed from any location as work becomes more remote and virtual. Not to worry! To make the decision simpler for you, we’ve selected the top 10 Google Workspace apps for businesses in 2024, along with their four best features.

Google Workspace Marketplace

Google Workspace Marketplace is an online store provided by Google, offering a diverse selection of enterprise apps that complement and enhance the functionality of Google Workspace services and third-party software. 

These Google apps for work integrate seamlessly with tools like Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, Calendar, etc. Users explore and install tailored apps to expand Google Workspace’s capabilities. Free or paid, they empower productivity and collaboration.

10 Google Workspace Apps in 2024

1. Mailmeteor

Mailmeteor is a user-friendly and robust email tool designed to elevate your outreach efforts. Its intuitive interface empowers you to enhance deliverability rates, boost engagements, and achieve higher conversions effortlessly. You can enjoy advanced features like personalized messaging, scheduled sending, autopilot mode, and efficient follow-up options for compelling emails that get results.

Best features

1. Personal Bulk Emails
2. Stunning Email Previews
3. Real-time Tracking
4. Easy Team Sharing
5. Scheduled Mail Merge

2. AODocs

AODocs is a content services platform that boasts seamless integration with Google Drive and Workspace (formerly G Suite). It delivers a versatile and scalable range of features tailored to meet your unique business requirements. AODocs offers two distinct packages:

Core offering: This package has a strong set of features for effective document management within your organization. Application Platform: In addition to the Document Management features mentioned above, this package provides extended capabilities through advanced integrations.

Best features

1. Cross-Device File Syncing
2. Web-Based Document Access
3. Diverse File Type Support
4. Flexible File Sharing Options

3. Copper CRM

Copper, the preferred CRM for Google Workspace, seamlessly integrates with Google Sheets through its add-on. This integration empowers users to utilize the full potential of Google Sheets for data analysis, reporting, and charting. After installation, easily import Copper leads, opportunities, people, and companies, applying your existing filters from Copper.

Best features

1. Lead Import to Google Sheets
2. Flexible Data Refinement
3. Efficient Bulk Importing
4. Secure Copper API Integration

4. Folgo

Folgo is unique as it enables operations directly within Google Drive, eliminating the need for extra browser tabs. Work seamlessly from your Google Drive window, with full support for folders of any size. It utilizes secure Apps Script technologies, guaranteeing the safety and protection of your data.

Best features

1. Instantly Detailed File List
2. Powerful File Renaming Tools
3. Seamless Folder Transfers
4. Dynamic Sheets Reports

5. LumApps

LumApps transforms workplaces with digital solutions, revolutionizing communication, collaboration, and employee engagement. Trusted by leading companies, LumApps’ platform enhances productivity, fosters a united global culture, and connects workforces worldwide for smarter, more efficient operations.

Best features

1. Multilingual Content Access
2. Enterprise Social Networks
3. Unified Employee Hub
4. Employee Social Advocacy

6. DocuSign

DocuSign is a highly popular and user-friendly electronic signature app that offers a comprehensive set of features. It streamlines the process of signing and managing documents, making it a top choice for many users. The free trial allows quick document preparation and sending, making it ideal for urgent signature needs.

Best features

1. Simplified tracking
2. Easy document access
3. Reusable contracts
4. Valuable insights

7. RingCentral

RingCentral offers versatile communication for employees with chat, voice, video, fax, and SMS. With up to 30 users collaborating on whiteboard tools, pinning sticky notes, adding graphics, and sharing images are made easy. The Team Huddle feature allows group channel creation, inviting collaborators via notifications, not phone calls.

Best features

1. Video Collaboration
2. Rich communication
3. Extensive integrations

8. Sheetgo

Sheetgo offers a simple and efficient solution to automate entire business processes directly within your spreadsheet. As an all-in-one data management platform, it empowers users to create custom workflows that connect, transfer, merge, split, or filter spreadsheet data. It integrates Google Sheets, Google Docs, Gmail, Excel, and CSV files, enabling powerful workflows for streamlined data management.

Best features

1. Increase efficiency.
2. Data security
3. Automation advantage
4. Cost-effective SaaS

9. SignEasy

SignEasy is a cloud-based solution that streamlines digital signature capture for freelancers and businesses. It enables users to sign documents using sequential or parallel signing options on both desktop and mobile devices. It serves diverse industries, such as banking, construction, education, entertainment, human resources, IT operations, legal, real estate, sales, and more, aiding in the digitization of their processes.

Best features

1. Custom fields
2. Digital audit trails
3. Offline signing
4. SSL encryption
5. Multi-party signing

10. Supermetrics

Supermetrics is a fully featured Reporting Software designed for Agencies and Startups, offering end-to-end solutions for Web App, including Drill Down, Marketing Reports, Report Export, Scheduled/Automated Reports, and a Customizable Dashboard in a single platform. Using this software, you can streamline data delivery from 100+ sales and marketing platforms to empower marketers with better decision-making through analytics and reporting tools.

Best features

1. Real-time data sync
2. Customizable dashboards
3. Automated reporting
4. Schedule report deliveries

Combine G-Suite apps with our top Google apps for business and watch your productivity, communication, sales, and marketing soar. While these are our favorites, Google Workspace offers a plethora of apps for organizations and personnel. If you’ve discovered other gems, share them in the comments to benefit everyone!