Effortless Faxing with Google Workspace: A Quick Guide

20 Jul 2023
Effortless Faxing with Google Workspace: A Quick Guide

In the digital era, effective communication is crucial. Faxing remains important for secure document transmission. However, Google no longer offers a fax service. Thankfully, Google Workspace provides a solution. Integrate online faxing into your workflow using Gmail, Google Drive, and Docs, including the Google fax-free option. Let’s begin!

What is a Google Fax Number?

A Google fax number is an online number linked to your Gmail for sending and receiving faxes. While Google doesn’t provide this service, third-party online fax services offer it. 

You can choose a fax number and associate it with your Gmail account. These services convert analog faxes to digital files using FOIP technology. Setup is fast, and a fax number can be linked to up to five email addresses for shared access.

How to Send a Fax Using Gmail

Follow these steps:

1. Compose a new email message in Gmail.

2. In the TO field, enter the recipient’s fax number followed by @ and the domain provided by your Google fax service.

3. Include country and area codes, if necessary. For example, with RingCentral Fax, it should look like this: number@faxprovider.com. To send to multiple recipients, separate their fax numbers with a comma.

4. Attach the file you want to fax by clicking the paperclip icon in the composing window. The file will be converted into a fax image.

5. If you require a cover sheet or cover page, you can enter the text in either the body or subject fields. Both fields work fine for this purpose. The cover page will precede your fax. Double-check the information and click the Send button to initiate the fax transmission.

Send Fax Using Google Drive

You can send faxes directly from Google Drive using add-ons. To do so, follow the steps:

Install the add-ons with a few clicks to enable faxing.
The add-ons provide a new sidebar in Google Drive.
Fill out the form in the sidebar with the necessary information to send your fax.
The digital fax service provider will automatically convert the file to fax.
Before subscribing, confirm if the specific service offers the faxing option.
To use the add-on, install it and access the “Add-ons” menu in Google Drive.
Verify the number and other details in the sidebar.
Click the “Send” button when you’re ready to send the fax.

Recommended Google Fax Services

eFax: eFax is the largest fax service globally, offering virtual fax numbers in many countries. It provides flexible plans, free trials, and seamless integration with Google tools like Gmail, Google Drive, and Docs. Their mobile fax app is highly regarded for accessing faxes on the go.

RingCentral: RingCentral is a comprehensive provider of virtual office solutions, including online faxing. It excels in email-faxing, offering features such as faxing with Google products, fax scheduling, and a custom mobile fax app. They offer toll-free and local fax number options in the USA, Canada, and the UK, along with excellent customer support. Discover the power of online, fax-free Google services with these recommended options. 

Benefits of Faxing with Workspace

By obtaining a Google fax number, you can enjoy numerous benefits and enhance your faxing experience:

Online faxing is faster than traditional methods.
Eliminates the need for a separate phone line.
An affordable option for faxing through Google.
Obtain a Google fax number within minutes.
Access faxes digitally through an online fax service.
Improved security measures for transmitting sensitive information.
Choose from different types of fax numbers.
Suitable for international companies.

At the End of the Day

Google faxing through Google Workspace streamlines communication, saving time and reducing costs effectively. Consider Now Digital Easy for reliable web hosting. With robust features and excellent support, they ensure seamless connectivity. Combine Google Workspace and Now Digital Easy for efficient communication. Experience the benefits today!

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