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Google Chat App: Everything You Need to Know in 2023

27 Jul 2023
Google Chat App: Everything You Need to Know in 2023

In the modern business landscape, staying connected and collaborating seamlessly is crucial. The Google Chat app is a valuable tool for teams to stay productive, especially in remote and hybrid work environments.

Yeah, you heard right!

Google Chat continues to serve its messaging purpose, and many Hangouts users have successfully transitioned to Chat, hoping for further improvements from Google. This blog explores what Google Chat is, its features, and its functionality for businesses. Let’s dive into the blog!

What is Google Chat App?

The Google Chat app is a team collaboration app within the Google Workspace suite. Enabling real-time communication through chat, voice, and video calls proves invaluable for remote teams seeking seamless connectivity. Beyond a standard messaging app, Google Chat’s productivity-focused features foster undistracted teamwork, ensuring enhanced productivity.

How does Google Chat work?

The Google Chat app facilitates real-time communication among team members. Open the app to initiate direct messages with individuals or create group chats with multiple participants. It serves as a seamless platform for team collaboration and connectivity.

Google Chat’s notable advantage lies in its seamless integration with various Google Workspace tools, such as Google Drive and Google Calendar. This enables effortless file sharing of documents, slides, sheets, and more directly within the chat. Collaborating on projects and seeking feedback from teammates becomes a breeze with this cohesive integration.

Top 5 New Features of Chat

Exciting news from Google! Seven new features are being introduced to the Google Chat app, including the integration of Gmail features, enhanced editing, and quoting options, and the addition of apps in personal conversations.

1. Smart Compose

One of the new features is “Smart Compose,” which brings the auto-complete typing experience from Gmail to Google Chat. The composer will anticipate your text and offer suggestions, allowing you to swiftly complete sentences by swiping or hitting the tab. Initially available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, this feature is accessible to all Chat users on the web client.

2. Edit and Delete

Users can now edit and delete messages they’ve sent, offering greater control over their communication without any additional cost.

3. Message Quoting

In large group chats, quoting a message in your response helps maintain focus on specific individuals or topics. Clicking the reply to shortcut on a particular message will conveniently quote it in your reply. This feature is available to all users.

4. Read Receipts

Read receipts, indicating when messages have been read, are now supported in group chats. Avatars will appear next to messages that members of the group have read. This update will be rolled out to both the mobile and web versions of Google Chat throughout this month.

5. Hyperlinking Text

In the upcoming weeks, users on the web and Android will be able to hyperlink text within a chat. This convenient feature allows you to highlight text and transform it into a link without having to paste the entire URL.

Getting Started with Chat

To begin using the Google Chat app, follow these simple steps:

1. First, open Google Chat by visiting chat.google.com or clicking the Chat icon in the left-hand sidebar of your Gmail account.

2. Next, create a chat room by clicking on the “Start a Room” button located in the top-left corner of the screen.

3. After that, invite team members to join the chat room by entering their email addresses in the “Add people” field.

4. Finally, start communicating with your team by typing your messages in the chat box at the bottom of the screen. Enjoy seamless collaboration with Google Chat!

Why Choose Google Chat?

Google Chat competes with various messaging apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. Here are the key distinctions between Google Chat and its counterparts:

i) Google Chat vs. Slack

Slack is a widely used messaging app in the business world, but it differs from Google Chat in some essential aspects. Google Chat, being part of the Google Workspace suite, offers smoother integration with other Google apps such as Google Drive and Google Calendar. Moreover, Google Chat provides task management features that are not available in Slack.

ii) Google Chat vs. Teams

Microsoft Teams is a widely adopted messaging app among businesses, but it diverges from Google Chat in several ways. Microsoft Teams is tailored for large organizations, providing advanced functionalities such as video conferencing and screen sharing. Conversely, Google Chat stands out for its lightweight approach and includes task management features not found in Microsoft Teams.

iii) Google Chat vs. Zoom

Zoom has gained popularity as a video conferencing app, especially during the pandemic. Although Zoom excels in video conferencing, Google Chat outshines it with a broader array of collaboration features, enabling teams to maintain productivity effectively.

Key Takeaways

For businesses seeking enhanced connectivity and seamless collaboration, Google Chat is an exceptional tool. It’s perfect for remote or hybrid workplaces, offering seamless integration with Google Workspace and file sharing. Check it out to boost productivity and connectivity. If you aim to keep your team productive and closely connected, exploring the Google Chat app is undoubtedly a valuable step.