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Google Workspace Plans and Pricing: Your Business Guide

22 Jul 2023
Google Workspace Plans and Pricing: Your Business Guide

Are you transitioning to Google Workspace?

Google announced February 2023 price changes. Annual rates are unchanged. Monthly rates increased for flexibility. Effective March 2023, except <10 accounts, changes in Jan 2024.
Let us explore the current Google Workspace plans and google workspace pricing, considering key features, to make an informed decision and find the perfect fit for your business.

Google Workspace Business Plans

Google Workspace plans include three business options: Starter, Standard, and Plus plans, as well as two Enterprise choices: Standard and Plus plans. Come, let us look at each of the Google Workspace plans one by one:

i) Business Starter

The Business Starter Edition of Google Workspace offers a comprehensive suite of collaborative productivity apps, including professional email, secure video conferencing, shared calendars, and online document editing, among other features.

Price: ₹ 90 per user per month

Ideal for very small organizations with around 10 employees

Storage: 30 GB per user

Max participants per meeting: 100

Offers security and compliance tools.

Custom email address for the organization

Access to Gmail, online documents, Drive storage, Calendar, Meet.

Administrative controls for user access, service policies, mobile devices

Includes standard support.

ii) Business Standard

The Business Standard edition includes everything from the Business Starter edition, with additional features:

Price: ₹ 850 per user per month

Productivity suite with 2 TB pooled storage

Max participants: 150+

Recording & saving meetings to Drive

Shared Drives for team collaboration

Approvals & labels for branding

External communication enabled.

Search for companies using Google Workspace

Centralized Admin Console for management

User access & feature restrictions

Remote mobile fleet management

Audits & reports for usage tracking

24/7 support from Google experts

iii) Business Plus

Business Plus includes everything from Business Standard, with additional features:

Price: ₹ 1300 per user per month

Productivity suite with 5 TB storage

Max participants: 500+

Recording & Attendance Tracking

Customizable, secure business email, eDiscovery, and retention

Premium analytics, security controls, and email encryption

Automated mobile device tracking & control

Standard support (upgrade to enhanced support)

Greater data control: Stronger passwords, remote device wipes, iOS app management.

iv) Workspace Enterprise

The business enterprise plan includes two options:

Enterprise Standard

Price: ₹ 1800 per user per month

Max participants: 500+

Recording, Attendance Tracking, Noise Cancellation, and in-Domain Live Streaming for meetings

Advanced Security, Management, and Compliance Controls: Vault, DLP, Data Regions.

Customizable, secure business email, eDiscovery, retention, and S/MIME encryption

Enhanced Support (upgrade option for Premium Support).

Enterprise Plus Plan

Price: ₹ 2100 per user per month

All features from Enterprise Standard are included.

Key Features of Workspace Plans

User Limits: Business plans allow a maximum of 300 users. Beyond that, an Enterprise plan is required. Microsoft 365 Business plans also have a 300-user account limit.

Storage Limits: Vary across plans.

Workspace PlanStorage limit
Essentials Starter15GB per user
Business Starter30GB per user
Business Standard2TB per user, pooled
Business Plus5TB per user, pooled
Enterprise Standard/PlusAs much as you need

External Sharing: Business Standard and Business Plus allow administrators to manage and restrict external file sharing with specific domains. Business Basic lacks this control, making it less suitable for restrictions.

Selecting the Ideal Workspace Plan

By considering these steps and exploring Google Workspace pricing, you can make an informed decision and choose the most suitable Google Workspace plan for your organisation, whether you are a new or current customer:

For the New Customers

Your needs: Consider users, storage, collaboration, and security.

Budget: Allocate for Google Workspace tools.

Find balance: Match needs with a suitable plan.

For Current Customers

✓ Sign into the Admin console: As an administrator, access the admin console at https://admin.google.com.

✓ Navigate to Billing: Select the three-horizontal line menu located in the upper left corner, then click on “Billing.”

✓ Access Get More Services: From the Billing page, choose “Get More Services” from the sub-menu.

✓ Explore More Plans: Admin Get More Services for available Google Workspace plans. Review features and google workspace pricing to align with your organization’s needs.

Final Thoughts

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) benefits businesses and individuals with cloud-based tools. The blog focuses on Google Workspace pricing in India and compares the plans by recommending basic for individuals/small businesses, business for medium-sized, and enterprise for larger organizations’ advanced needs.

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