Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook: A Complete Guide!

22 Jul 2023
Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook: A Complete Guide!

Stuck juggling between Google Workspace and Outlook? In that case, how about I help you get the best of both worlds? Yes, I can show you how to Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook. Not only that, but we will also see why it is a good idea and what kind of data we can sync. So, without wasting any more time, let’s begin!

Sync Google with Outlook?

  1. All in One Place Inbox: Syncing Google Workspace with Outlook gives you emails, appointments, and contacts accessible in one place. This reduces switching time between platforms and helps you focus on the tasks at hand.
  2. Seamless Collaboration: Enjoying Google Workspace’s excellent collaborative tools such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, all within your familiar Outlook environment.
  3. Outlook’s offline capabilities: Even with no internet access, you can still view your Gmail messages or review Google Calendar events – that’s a perfect solution for those endless connectivity issues. 
  4. Superior Organization: Outlook’s robust features like ‘Focused Inbox’ and comprehensive calendar functionalities can be utilized for your Google Workspace content. And the best part? This is a more organized and efficient work approach.
  5. Cross-Platform Harmonization: For businesses or individuals using both Microsoft and Google tools, syncing ensures smoother operations to some extent. But remember, there’s no guarantee that you won’t find any errors. If any update comes with bugs, you might face issues too. But so far, it’s working just fine.

What Kind of Data Would Sync

It’s interesting to note how far Google and Microsoft Outlook have gone to give customers a good collaborative environment. Just take a look at this:

Data TypeGWSMO SynchronizationDescription
EmailSyncedAll Outlook messages and sub-folders from your Google account are accessible directly in Outlook.
CalendarSyncedGain the ability to manage Google Workspace calendars from Outlook, including primary calendars, custom-created calendars, and shared calendars.
Personal & Global ContactsSyncedManage all Google Workspace contacts, both personal and global, utilizing the familiar interface of Outlook.
TasksSyncedLeverage Outlook Tasks to efficiently track and manage to-do lists within your Google Workspace, accessible from any device.
NotesSyncedOutlook Notes are synchronized, making them available in your Google Drive account in the cloud for anytime, anywhere access.
Journal*SyncedOutlook Journal entries from your old profile are imported to your Google Workspace profile in Outlook and can be used in Outlook with GWSMO. However, they do not sync with Google Docs.

Google Workspace sync for Microsoft Outlook is not limited to what I’ve shown you. For a much better understanding, I’d recommend you take a look at this page.

Setting Up Workspace Sync for Outlook

1. Download and Install GWSMO from here.

2. Now before you run the .exe file, it’s highly recommended to turn off anti-virus, firewalls, and third-party applications that have access to your Outlook personal files.

3. Wait for the installation.

4. Once installation is done, you’ll have to sign in with the Google Workspace account you want to sync with.

5. When you’re signed in, click on ‘settings.’

6. Enable the IMAP settings.

7. Save changes.

8. Now go to ‘preferences’ in your Outlook application.

9. When you click on ‘preferences,’ a pop-up window will show up. There, you’ll find ‘accounts.’

10. Inside ‘Accounts,’ you’ll see a + sign at the bottom left. Just click on ‘New Account.’

11. This is where most people make mistakes. Make sure you put your Google Workspace credentials here.

12. After logging in with credentials, you’ll be redirected to a page where you have to sign in with Google.

13. Sign in into Google and ‘allow access.’

That’s it, your Google sync with Outlook is done. If this fails for some reason, it means your IMAP settings are not right or perhaps you used a different Google account to login. Keep that in check and everything will be alright.

The Bottom Line

Google Workspace sync for Microsoft Outlook is a great idea. But sync errors and confusion between these two platforms might cause a lot of troubles for those who are not tech savvy. Otherwise, it works fine. But personally, I don’t recommend syncing Google with Outlook. It’s better to keep Google Workspace away from Microsoft Outlook. There’s a saying related to this, ‘less is more.’

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