How to Modify Your MX Records for Google Workspace Mail

24 Jul 2023
How to Modify Your MX Records for Google Workspace Mail

Want to modify Google MX records but not able to find a proper step by step guide? No worries, I can help you modify your MX records. But before that, I want you to understand what MX records are. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

Understanding MX Records

MX Records are called Mail Exchanger Records in short form. They guide your emails and ensure they get delivered to the correct mail server (which is just a fancy name for what receives and sends your emails).

Now, let’s say you are sending a letter using the traditional mail. You need to note down an address so that the postal service knows where your letter is supposed to go. Similarly, when you send an email, your system checks MX records and finds which mail server your email needs for its delivery.

So, when we talk about changing your MX Records for Google Workspace Mail, it basically means that ‘address’ where your emails are supposed to go through so that they eventually reach the right destination. It’s like you have shifted the mail delivery from the local post office over to a more efficient courier service. We’re simply switching out the route which your Emails take to get there.

In the following sections, I’ll walk you through an easy way to modify MX records for your Google Workspace. No matter what hosting you’re using, this will definitely help!

Guide to to Modify MX Records

  1. Log into your domain hosting: It could be Bluehost, Siteground, or anything like that. 
  1. Find DNS settings: When you’re inside your hosting panel, search for DNS settings. You can find this somewhere near the domain settings as “DNS Configuration”, “DNS Management,” “DNS” or something similar. 
  1. Find the MX Records section: You should be able to find a section on your DNS settings made for Google MX Records.
  1. Back up your existing MX Records: Before making any changes, it’s a good practice to save the current MX records. That can be done either by writing them down or taking a screenshot too. This will help in case you need to come back and revert the original setup.
  2. Modify or Add new MX Records: Google Workspace requires that you have five specific MX Records or just one. Confusing right? Well, there are different server addresses for people who signed up on Google workspace before 2023 and those who signed up after that.

For users who signed up before 2023:

PriorityMX Server Address

For users who signed up after 2023:

PriorityHostMX Server Address

6. Save your changes: Save your settings. The button could be labeled as “Save”, “Save Changes”, “Update”, or something similar.

Final Advice!

Changes to Google MX can take up to 48 hours. So if you don’t see immediate changes, don’t think it’s not working. Also, changing DNS server settings is something I won’t recommend. That would delay the process only. Just in case you face problems even after having patience, ask your domain host’s customer support for assistance. I’m sure they can give you a specific solution to your problem.

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