How to Send Mass Email from Google Sheets in Gmail

24 Jul 2023
How to Send Mass Email from Google Sheets in Gmail

Sending emails one by one to your potential clients via Gmail? Well, that kind of technique might cost you a lot of time. And somewhere along the lines, it looks like you have addressed this problem too. No worries! In a few minutes, I’ll show you how to send mass email from Google Sheets. Trust me, this will add up to your productivity. So, are you ready to know it? Let’s begin!

What is Mail Merge System

If you want to know how to send bulk Email Gmail, it’s better to understand how this mail merging system works. 

A mail merge application is a kind of a bridge between Google Sheets and Gmail or any other email client. Using Google Sheets as the source of data, the mail merge application gives instructions to Gmail so that it can send emails in bulk from the recipient list.

This is how it usually works:

First, you would prepare a Google Sheets spreadsheet. This particular sheet contains all the specific information that you wish to put into your emails. You can include the first and last name of recipients, their email addresses, some specific dates for certain events, account details, or other personalized data. Each row would become a unique recipient and every column becomes a different information bracket. If you don’t know what an information bracket is, just keep reading. You’ll know soon. 

Now, you would create an email template in your email client like Gmail. The template would contain the body of the email that you wish to send and instead of specific personalized information, you’d use placeholders that match the column headers from your Google Sheets document. 

Once all data and email templates are ready, now it’s time to use the mail merge. After this, the app will read the data from your Google Sheets document and look for placeholders in your email template. It then automatically replaces each placeholder with corresponding data from the Google Sheets document for each recipient.

For example, if your email template starts with “Dear {{First Name}},” and you have a column in your Google Sheets named “First Name,” then the mail merge application will replace “{{First Name}}” with the actual first name of each recipient from your Google Sheets. Now you get what I said about the information bracket? Hope it’s all making sense now.

3 Popular Mail Merge Apps

Now that we have discussed how mail merge works, let me tell you about these 3 most popular Mail Merge tools so that you can finally know how to send bulk email in Gmail.

i) GMass

If you’re trying to learn how to send mass email from Google Sheets and you need a mail merge app with a great history in software development, Ajay Goel’s GMass is what you need. Trusted by 200,000 users and backed by 20 years of software development experience, I can say it’s the most popular mail merge program that has ever existed. 

GMass boasts features like auto-follow-ups and robust open/click/reply tracking, all neatly packaged within your Gmail interface. With a free tier of 50 emails per day, GMass is a solid contender for your email campaigns.

ii) YAMM

YAMM, short for Yet Another Mail Merge, was founded in 2014. As of now, over 10 million people and 150,000 organizations are using YAMM for their email campaigns. 

With features like real-time tracking, outstanding customer support, and a free tier of 50 emails per day, anyone can melt. And the best part? It trims down all the clutters of tools like Mailchimp, delivering straightforward, effective mass emailing straight from your Google Sheets.

iii) Merge Mail

In the last 4 years, Merge Mail has become one of the best among upcoming bulk email mail merge software. This tool comes with merge, email tracking, templates, unsubscribe links, attachments, email previews, scheduled emails, and integrations. What’s more interesting is 1500+ integrations with the help of Zapier. And just like other mail merge apps, this one also gives 50 emails per day.

How to Send Bulk Email

1. Go to Extension from your Google Chrome browser.

2. Search for “GMass” and install it on your Chrome browser.

3. In your emails, click on the Sheets icon and then ‘Sign up with Google’ to make an account on GMass.

4. Now let’s import your contact list, simply clicking the Gmass button in Gmail. And then select “Google Sheets” from the pop-up. Choose the sheet with your recipient data, and you’re good to go.

5. Now it’s time to craft your email. Compose your email as you usually would in Gmail. But wait, there’s a twist to this. You can personalize it using the columns from your Google Sheet. If you have a column named “First Name,” then using {First Name} in your email body will automatically replace it with each recipient’s first name. Make sure you put it correctly, otherwise your prospects might see First name} or {First Name instead of their name. You don’t want that to happen, right?

6. By the way, GMass isn’t just about sending emails in bulk. You can schedule auto-follow-ups and make use of robust open, click, and reply tracking to optimize your outreach.

7. All set? Send Now or Schedule for Late. With this mail merge, you can either send it now or schedule it for the perfect time.

Final Thoughts

That’s it, you have successfully learnt how to send bulk email in Gmail. Make sure you don’t spam prospects. And always, send emails in increments. Don’t try to send 500 emails right away.

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