Instructions to Reset a Google Workspace Password

11 Jul 2023
Instructions to Reset a Google Workspace Password

Are you interested in learning how to reset a Google Workspace password? In this digital age, robust and secure passwords are crucial for safeguarding your online accounts and sensitive data. 

Worry Not! 

In this blog, you will discover how to reset a Google Admin password, the significance of changing your Google Workspace password, and the dangers of using weak passwords. Thus, secure your Google Workspace account by getting started now!

Secure Your Google Workspace

Knowing the hazards associated with using weak or compromised passwords will help you appreciate how important it is to know how to reset a Google Workspace password and thereby take proactive measures to protect your Google Workspace account.

Potential risks of using Weak Passwords:

✓ Vulnerability to Hacking: Weak passwords make it simpler for criminals to access your Google Workspace account without authorization.

✓ Data Breaches and Theft: Compromised passwords can lead to data breaches and the theft of sensitive information stored in your Google Workspace account.

✓ Damage to Reputation: A compromised Google Workspace account can result in unauthorized access to confidential information, damaging your professional reputation.

The significance of Password Security in safeguarding sensitive information:

✓ First Line of Defense: Strong passwords act as barriers against unauthorized access, protecting sensitive information in your Google Workspace account.

✓ Safeguard Datas: Password security prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing personal emails, documents, financial information, or proprietary business data in Google Workspace.

✓ Protect Identities: Secure passwords preserve your online identity, preventing attackers from impersonating or compromising your online presence.

✓ Mitigate Breach Impact: Strong passwords minimize the impact of data breaches, making it harder for attackers to decrypt or misuse stolen information.

Understanding these risks and the significance of password security empowers you to regularly reset your Google Workspace password and strengthen account protection.

3 Ways to Reset Google Admin Password

Case 1: Adding a recovery email and phone number to your account.

  1. Access your Google Workspace account.

2. Navigate to the user’s settings page or profile.

3. Look for options to add a recovery email address and phone number.

4. Provide the necessary information and save the changes.

Case 2: Password reset for a user through the Google Workspace Admin console:

  1. Log in with your administrator credentials to access the Google Workspace Admin console.

2. Go to Menu > Directory > Users.

3. Locate the user from the list and click on their name.

4. In the left menu, select “RESET PASSWORD.”

5. Enter a new password in the prompted field.

6. Click “RESET” to save the changes.

Case 3: Resetting the Google Workspace administrator password (if forgotten):

1. Open the Google sign-in/recovery page.

2. Enter the username associated with your administrator account.

3. Click Next > Try another way until you get to this screen.

4. If you enter an incorrect password, you may be prompted to add a CNAME DNS record for verification. For details, click here.

5. Follow the instructions provided to add the CNAME record to your DNS settings.

6. Wait for at least 15 minutes for the CNAME record to update.

7. Once the record is updated, proceed to the next prompt on the Google sign-in/recovery page.

8. Enter your new password.

However, if you face any problems during the procedure, it is advised that you contact Google Workspace support for assistance. Or else watch this informative video by Google Workspace for resetting your passwords.

Managing Strong Passwords

✓ Length & Complexity: Use a mixture of uppercase, lowercase, digits, and special characters in your passwords, and make sure they are at least 12 characters long. Avoid obvious patterns or guessable information.

✓ Unique Passwords: Never reuse passwords across accounts. Generate unique passwords for each account to minimize risks.

✓ Password Managers: Consider using a password manager for secure storage and management. Password managers generate strong, unique passwords and offer convenient features.

✓ Avoid Personal Information: Don’t use personal information like names or birth dates as a Google Workspace password.

✓ Avoid Common Patterns: Avoid common patterns or dictionary words that are easily guessable.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, knowing how to reset a Google Workspace password and following best practices for password security in Google Workspace are crucial. Now Digital Easy offers cost-effective Google Workspace solutions tailored to your business needs. Whether you’re a start-up, an SME, or a large enterprise, we have the perfect solution for your project. Contact us at or +91-9894111975 (India) to explore our Google Workspace options.

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