The Future of Work with Duet AI for Google Workspace

24 Jul 2023
The Future of Work with Duet AI for Google Workspace

At I/O 2023, Google unveiled Duet AI for Google Workspace; an innovative technology meant to expand digital creativity and productivity. This AI can seamlessly be integrated into all Google Workspace apps as an on-going collaborative partner almost like having another person by your side working side-by-side!

Duet AI operates across Google Workspace applications such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and Gmail to support tasks such as text generation and summarization, creating images from prompts and organizing data features designed to streamline and enrich user experiences.

New Features of Duet AI

Google’s decision to integrate AI across its apps exemplifies its rise and potential as an indicator of growth for Generative AI. Duet AI was specifically created as a collaborative partner to Google Workspace users signalling AI’s evolving role beyond specific tasks: it serves as an essential partner that contributes across an array of fields.

1. Effective AI Prompts

Google Duet AI solves one of the primary challenges associated with generative AI, providing effective prompts. To do so, it analyzes your documents’ content before suggesting contextually relevant prompts based on this analysis. If creating useful prompts is an area in which other AI tools have failed, Duet AI might just provide the answer!

2. Assist Me in Writing

With Duet AI’s distinctive functionality of “Assist Me in Writing”, businesses can rapidly produce customized content using AI technology and “Assist Me in Writing.” For instance, when asked by Duet AI to draft a job description it not only offers basic Google Docs templates, but also smart chips which fill in details like status, location and company name; providing quick and effortless personalization tailored precisely to business requirements.

3. Assist Me in Visualizing

Duet AI has introduced another impressive addition to Google Slides called “Assist Me in Visualizing,” similar to Midjourney generative image service, that helps save users hours searching for suitable images based on slide content by providing numerous generative image options generated from Duet AI’s algorithm and further prompts from Duet AI for refinement until reaching optimal result is attained.

4. Assist Me in Organizing

Duet AI goes far beyond organizing data; its advanced data analytics features enable users to select specific points of data and ask Duet AI to conduct its analyses – turning Google Sheets into an actionable data analytics platform, ultimately aiding decision-making processes and improving decision making processes.

5. Backgrounds in Meet

With remote meetings becoming more prevalent, having the power to personalize and secure one’s space becomes ever more critical. Google Duet AI now makes this easier by offering users in Google Meet the ability to design custom backgrounds that not only enable enhanced expression, but also offer privacy protection by shielding from their surroundings.

How to sign up for Duet AI

  1. Go to the Google Labs website: Google’s latest experiments in Labs

2. Scroll down to the Google Workspace labs section.

3. Click the Join Waitlist button for Duet AI.

4. Click the Express Interest button.

5. You will be redirected to a Google Form. Fill out and submit the form to show your interest.

Duet AI: Long Story Short

Google Duet AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) powered feature in Google Workspace, helps users write, visualize, organize, and collaborate more efficiently. Although currently in beta form, Duet AI could significantly boost productivity of its users so I encourage any Google Workspace users to sign up for Duet AI’s waitlist and give Duet AI a try you might be amazed how quickly more can get accomplished than ever!

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