Workspace Gmail vs. Gmail: A Side-By-Side Comparison

14 Jul 2023
Workspace Gmail vs. Gmail: A Side-By-Side Comparison

Google Workspace Gmail is a term that needs no introduction. Most users on the Internet know Gmail as a free email service provider and Google as a search engine. But only a very few people know the other business productivity and collaboration tools that Google offers.

All the tools from Google are cloud-based and are together known as Google Workspace (earlier known as G Suite). In fact, Gmail is also one of the tools within the Google Workspace. In this blog, let’s explore Google Workspace Gmail and Google Workspace more in detail so that you understand if you should pick only Gmail or the GSuite as a whole.

Workspace Gmail & G Suite?

Gmail is one of the world’s leading email service providers that was launched in 2004 as an invite-only model. Later in 2007, it became an open tool where any user can sign-up and start using its email service. When a user creates a Gmail Workspace account, he gets free access to other cloud-based tools like Drive, Photos, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more. A free Gmail Workspace account gives the user 15 GB of free cloud shares that can be shared across the included free tools.

On the other hand, GSuite or Google Workspace is a collection of business tools that help an organization’s productivity and collaboration. When a user signs up for Google Workspace, he gets access to all the tools that come with a Gmail Workspace account along with other tools like Meet, Calendar, Sites, Rooms, Forms etc.

Exclusive features of Workspace

With a Google Workspace account, you will get

  • Custom business email address eg:
  • A minimum of 2X more cloud storage than the regular Gmail account
  • 24X7 telephone and email support
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • Advanced security and privacy options like 2 factor authentication and Single Sign On
  • admin control for users within the Workspace
  • 30 email aliases per user

The Major Tech Differences

  • Gmail is free of cost. But Google Workspace comes with a price tag. Its price for Business Starter Pack starts at USD 6 per month per user. Google Workspace has different plans for organizations of different sizes The Business Standard pricing plan is the most popular one and is billed at USD 12 per user per month. This comes with 2TB cloud storage per user and comes with 150 participant video meetings and recordings. The Business Plus plan is priced at USD 18 per user month and gives the user 5 TB of cloud storage per user. It also includes 150 participant video meetings and recordings and allows attendance tracking.
  • In Gmail, the users can control only their Gmail and Google Account credentials. In Google Workplace, the administrator can create, edit, and delete the Google accounts and addresses they created.
  • Gmail users get 15 GB of free cloud storage space. Google Workplace users enjoy 2X (30 GB) storage space to unlimited storage space based on the pricing plan they choose.
  • The customer support for free Gmail users is a little restricted with just access to Knowledge Base and Support Forums while Google Workspace users enjoy 24X7 phone and email support.
  • Google Workspace users have access to advanced technologies of Google like in-depth security capabilities, intelligent search algorithms etc which is compromised for free Gmail users.
  • Additional features included in Google Workspace are Google Voice, CRM compatibility, Brand Accounts and the account is completely ad-free across tools and apps.

Security and Management

Security is top-notch for Gmail and Google Workspace with features like 128-bit encryption, spam filters, anti-virus protection, and confidential mode protecting the data in both the platforms during transmission and at rest. However, Google Workspace gets a competitive edge over the regular GMail workspace with feature like

  • Google Admin that gives the administrator of Google Workspace access and control over other users of that particular Workspace
  • Google Endpoint Management that lets the admin manage devices across locations for seamless collaboration and optimal productivity.
  • Google Vault which is an enterprise archiving tool
  • Work Insights which is a Google Workplace reporting tool.

Which one should you choose?

The answer to this question is purely subjective of your needs. Gmail is perfect for personal use while Google Workspace with an extensive collection of productivity and collaboration tools has been developed for businesses of all verticals and sizes. Security and support are two critical things that business cannot afford to overlook, and, in that aspect, Google Workspace has an upper hand than Gmail undeniably.

The Bottom Line

Both Gmail and G Suite have their own pros and cons, cost variations, and security differences. It is highly recommended that you have a clear understanding of your requirements, weigh all the positive and negative things in both Gmail and G Suite and make an informed decision.

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