Field executive tracking software

SpotNow app helps you to track the complete field activities and performance of your employee in real time that increases your workforce productivity & efficiency.

  • Real time tracking
  • Task tracking
  • Manage visit

Starts at₹125/user/mo

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Employee Tracking Software

Looking for a way to improve employee productivity?

Our field employee monitoring platform can help. See real-time data on employee productivity, location, and more. Get a free trial today.

Keep tabs on your field employees' activities, travel logs, meetings, leaves, expenses, and daily tasks easily and affordably with our cutting-edge field employee tracking software. It's one of the most user-friendly and budget-friendly field employee tracking software solutions available on the market today!. Our field employee tracking software uses cutting-edge technology to provide employers with real-time visibility of their employees' activities. The platform is versatile and can be used in a variety of industries, as well as offline.

Unmached features

Live Movement Tracking

Track real-time position with 5 sec refresh rate and 5 mtr accuracy. Replay historic trail on licensed Google Maps

Distance Logging

Calculate distance in kilometres or miles based on GPS. Share updates on estimated time of arrival (ETA)

Analytical Admin Portal

View, rate and improve fleet performance using business intelligence dashboards and reports for managers

Location Geo Fencing

Configure trips from source to destination and measure the deviation between expected and actual trip distance / duration

Key Features

Advanced tools can help reduce workload and increase productivity for field employees.
By providing employees with the right tools, they can work more efficiently and effectively, ultimately benefiting your business.

Dashboard & Insights

Quicker access to neccessary information

Task tracking

Track progress & Increse productivity

Expense management

Self diagonestic-system for your vehicle

Performance monitoring

Track progress and key performance indicator


Stay touch with your team

Manage visit

Monitor the site visit in real time

Turn-by-Turn navigation

Simplified direction project to visit

Activity report logging

Consistant tracking of employee activity

Leave management

Monitor employee leaves, holidays and time offs

Task assignment

Automate task assignments and streamline operations

Attendance management

Automate employee attendance using biometric or RFID

Customer address management

Maintain address for future reference

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